We can produce different types of sweatshirts and similar/related products such as tracksuits, fleece suits, fleece tops, fleece pants and so on.


  • Sweatshirts for promotional purposes;
  • Sweatshirts for everyday use;
  • Sweatshirts for training and active sport(such as jogging, fitness, tennis, yoga and many more)

Sweatshirt Decoration:

  • Sweatshirts with sublimation design;
  • Sweatshirts with embroidery decoration;
  • Sweatshirts withtextile foil decoration;
  • Sweatshirts with textile flock decoration;
  • Sweatshirts with screen printing decoration; etc.

Sweatshirt’s Fabrics:

  • Sweatshirts with Standart knitwear (100% polyester, polyester-cotton, three thread fleece, 100% cotton, other fabrics);
  • Sweatshirts with Advanced fabrics with different certificates such as wind proof, water proof, breathable fabrics, etc.

Sweatshirt’s Design:

  • Sweatshirts by customers request;
  • Sweatshirts by customers idea and our proposal

Sweatshirt’s Colors:

  • Sweatshirts with Sublimation (CMYK);
  • Sweatshirts with Neon Sublimation (CMYK);
  • Sweatshirts with ready dyed fabrics;
  • Sweatshirts with dyed by request fabrics;
  • mixed (ready/dyed by request fabrics plus sublimation designed fabrics)

Garment cut for sweatshirts:

  • Cangoroo sweatshirt (hoodie) with large front pocket, suitable for promotions and everyday use;
  • Sweatshirt with hood with large front zipper, two side pockets with zippers, suitable for promotions and everyday use;
  • Active Sport Sweatshirt – The garment cut is designed by XSurvive especially for active sport, this sweatshirt has a hood, large front zipper, two side pockets with zippers and additional pocket on the chest. Raglan sleeves for comfort while training. Suitable for active sports and training, also for everyday use;
  • We can design sweatshirt’s garment cut with sizes by sample;
  • We can design sweatshirt’s garment cut by customers idea

Other sweatshirt’s garment cut variations:

  • Sweatshirts without inner lining;
  • Sweatshirts with inner linig;
  • Garment cut especialy made for sweatshirts with sublimated outer fabric and sublimated inner lining


  • In addition to the common seams we can also do sweatshirts with flatlock seam for better performance

Sweatshirt Sizes:

  • XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL;
  • more sizes available;
  • more sizes available;
  • EU Sweatshit sizes, UK Sweatshit sizes and USA Sweatshit sizes, Custom Sweatshirt sizes;
  • Our Sweatshirts can be done with sizecharts in metric or imperial system

Minimum quantity for producing sweatshirts (or minimum quantity for sampling the sweatshirts):

  • from 1 piece (sublimation colors, color sampling);
  • from 1 piece on ready dyed fabrics from the customer, sampling on certain conditions;
  • from 50 pcs. for dyed fabrics (minimum quantity on dying 20 kilograms of fabric, sampling on certain conditions)
  • from 100 pcs. for mixed dyed fabrics and sublimation (sampling on certain conditions)

Feel free to contact us at any time for further questions!