About us

Company was born through the need for effective, non-standard, high-tech equipment that also looks great. The company owns the brands My River, which specializes in unique garments with different characteristics designed for very avid anglers interest in fishing, fly fishing, kayak, yachting and other outdoors and XTREME SURVIVE (XSURVIVE, XS), which specializes in the production of high-tech outfits for extreme sports. We are very keen fisherman and his team have created their equipment due to their interest in fishing and outdoors. When they do not work, they go out to fish in their clothes. We can honestly say these are the best fishing gear you will carry. If you would like to hear from some of our customers, please see our recommendation page. All our outer garments are made of the highest quality, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, German knitted fabrics. This COOLMAX Draft is designed for the tropics and is extremely soft to feel, incredibly cool, durable, UPF 50+, lightweight and have new innovative anti-repellent coverage. Our material is much cooler than cotton, will not disappear or shrink like cotton, does not require ironing and is much more durable. The difference between the great looking shirt and the magnificent shirt is the quality of the fabric, and we proudly stand by (or in) ours, hour after hour, cast after cast. My River produces a number of jackets, t-shirts, shirts, pants and shorts that not only look great but our customers want to wear for their comfort, style and of course sunscreen. XSURVIVE design and create some of the best downhill, cycling, running, MMA, yoga, fitness jerseys, tops, rash guards, leggings around. We made outfit for some of the best downhill competitors and teams. We are presented on every local event by our sport ambassadors. Again for our equipment we use the best and most advanced high tech fabrics developed those days. They have all the characteristics mentioned before like extremely soft to feel, incredibly cool, durable, UPF 50+, lightweight and have new innovative anti-repellent coverage. For example we use COOLMAX®, MERINO®, OUTLAST®, CORDURA®, Thermolite®, Thermocool® etc. produced only in the best European factories. We make all here, we never make anything outside Europe so you will receive the best possible quality! Nowadays, after 11 years of experience, XSURVIVE sportswear is focused on several areas: Custom manufacture of sportswear and accessories with its own design for teams and individuals from the group of recreational and elite athletes. Custom manufacture of sportswear, accessories and promotional items for corporate clients, organizers of events, festivals etc. Production of sportswear and accessories in original design are under the XSURVIVE or My River brands. This extensive collection is designed for the end users. It is sold almost exclusively through our own online-shop and several online stores spreaded in Europe.